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Colloidal Silica


Colloidal silica dispersions are fluid, low viscosity dispersions. There are many grades of colloidal silica, but all of them are composed of silica particles ranging in size from about 2 nm up to about 150 nm and Density. Another name is

  • Silicon dioxide,
  • Silica sol .
  • Colloidal Silicon Dioxide.
  • Colloidal silica finds applications in various industries, including coatings, catalysts, electronics, ceramics, textiles, paper manufacturing, and healthcare. It is used as a binder, filler, thickener, polishing agent, and surface modifier due to its unique properties.
  • Business Type : Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier
  • Brand Name : HN
  • Material : Colloidal
  • Condition : Normal

Product Details

Grades HN-25
Silica wt% 25
Specific Gravity 1.6
pH 9.0- 10.0
Viscosity B4 cup(sec.) 12.30
Surface Area m2/ gm 190-210
Particle Size nanometers 10-25
Na20 wt % 0.30-0.35
Stabilizing Ion Na+
Appearance Bluish White

Industries We Serve

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    Soap & Detergent
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    Textile Processing
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    Pulp & Paper
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    Mineral Processing
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    Building & Construction
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