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Nano Polishing Liqud - A

Nano Chemicals for Vitrified Tiles fill the micro cracks or tiny pores on the tile surface and form a dense protective layer. The nano-polished tiles have shiny effects and are easy to clean.

These chemicals are used in vitrified tiles such as Double Charge, Full Body Tiles, And Pgvt Tiles. It is also used for Matt, Lappato, And Marble Tiles.

A - chemical: It is used for brightness on a tile surface. Have a glossy mirror finish over tiles—water-based and colourless. Improve the glossiness of polishing tiles.

The ordinary tiles without nano-coating have a glossiness of 35 to 45 percent. After the process of nano-coating, the shine is more than 95. The nano antifouling liquid is dropped on the surface of the tile.

Nano Polished Tiles


Product Details

Color Transparent
Brand Name HN
Usage Tiles Coating
Grade A
Form Liquid
Packaging Type HDPE Drum
Ph Value 8-10
Location Anywhere in India

Industries We Serve

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    Soap & Detergent
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    Textile Processing
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    Pulp & Paper
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    Mineral Processing
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    Building & Construction
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